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Teleprompter Services

duplication machineVCSvideo offers two styles of TelePrompter to meet your production needs:

Camera-Mounted Prompter LC-160 Hi-Res Color Display
A camera-mounted prompter displays the text on an LCD screen positioned directly in front of the lens of the camera allowing the talent to look and speak directly to the viewing audience. It’s an ideal choice for live or pre-recorded webcasts, teleconferences, television programs, or promotional video recordings.


Executive Speech Prompter
An executive speech prompter displays the text on two clear-glass screens positioned on either side of the speaker’s podium. While the glass appears clear to the audience, side facing the podium gives the presenter a highly-readable screen of rolling text. This prompter, often used by executives and politicians, makes eye contact easier and more natural.


Teleprompter Operators

You can rely on our teleprompter operators to make any last-minute changes and roll the copy at a pace that's comfortable for you.


Some of our recent teleprompter clients include:

• Bruce Willis
• Patti LaBelle
• The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
• Carnie Wilson
• Joe Namath
• Republican & Democratic Party


Teleprompter Services
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