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What is "Script-to-Screen?"
Script-To-Screen means we'll take you through each step of the project, from our first meeting where we’ll discuss your needs and goals, to the day your program is viewed by your intended audience. Along the way, you can rely on us to make the process enjoyable and the results outstanding!


Getting the Message Right
Before the first scene can be imagined, we know the right questions to ask to make sure your message is focused, compelling and persuasive. From there, we develop the kind of concepts and scripts that have led to the success of our clients and to more than fifty National and International awards.


Planning the Project
To deliver the most cost-effective, high-quality program possible, VCSvideo diligently plans each step of the production. Our creative personnel include: writers, producers, directors, art directors, set designers, location or studio shooting-and-lighting crews, editors, musicians, graphic designers, multimedia experts and media replication technicians, all of whom are focused on meeting your needs and goals.


Whether the script calls for location shooting or studio shooting, VCSvideo has you covered. Our directors and crews have traveled the world over to capture just the right images. If it's a studio shoot your project needs, no problem. VCSvideo boasts a 34' x 22' drive-in studio complete with full lighting grids, Teleprompters and green screen capability for single and multi-camera production. Above all, your VCSvideo producer keeps you part of the process, ensuring the highest level of satisfaction.


Post Production Brings It To Life
Our on-site post-production facility sees your project through the final stages. Our efficient, creative editors have both tape-based and non-linear digital editing equipment at their disposal and can add 2-D and 3-D titling, animation and other graphics to your program. On the audio side, our producers can access VCSvideo's extensive music and sound effects libraries and record narration in our on-site recording booth. Let's review the final program. Are you delighted? Then it's a wrap!

How Do You Want It?
Based on your presentation needs, we'll deliver the final program in the format that works best for you, providing as many copies as you need, or compressing your program for the web.

What Does It All Mean?
Script-To-Screen means you're in good hands. It means you have our personal commitment to produce a program that meets your exacting standards, and deliver it when and how you need it.

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